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for them to deny all of those other folks across america. i will tell you, there will be a backlash against this. people will look at this and say that if this is what they have to do to stop health care, their argument must be weak. go up to the microphone and make your argument. neil: i do not know where your rage was in 2007, when condoleezza rice was heckled. that became a big scene with the blood of millions. then it was a proper use of protest. what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, right? >> if they want to go to a hearing on health care on the hill, want to disrupt that -- they need to realize that they will be arrested like these folks, that is okay. do not disrupt other americans opportunities to be heard. neil: free speech is free speech, right? in april of 2003, hillary clinton was criticizing the lack of free speech issue. >> i am sick and tired of people that say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you are not patriotic. we should stand up and say that we are americans and we have a right to debate and to disagree with any admin
-line votes, at least you have offered something. i think you will be preceded by a lot of people in america as trying to do the right thing -- you will be perceived by a lot of people in america as trying to be right thing. neil: all right, republicans go back, senator, your days when you were a powerful leader in the senate. you blocked bill clinton's efforts. they did everything with hillary and then just dumped it on congress, and now, you are advocating something opposite, going to what bill clinton did. mixed messages? >> clinton started working with congress, and mrs. clinton came to visit us and said we are going to work together on this, and i said, my to of staff -- all of a sudden, they just stopped republican participation. well, here, it never started. it started with clinton on the house side. we never had republican participation. in the senate, to the credit of max baucus, he is trying to work with republicans on that committee, and i think he and senator grassley offer the best hope of getting some type of bipartisanship, but senator grassley is not going to hang around fore
was about defending the constitution of the united states of america, and that he was about all of the liberties and freedom that this country has to offer, and, quite honestly, it's the majority of americans are against this bill, i do not believe that senator kennedy which one to have his name associated with it. -- if the majority of americans are against this bill. neil: it was said that the same special interest groups may try to torpedo it again. in other words, lumping people in opecial interest groups.ple çhow do you feel about that? when your interest is lumped in with prevailing interests with health care that will not change? >> nahla, here is the thing. it is not about special-interest groups now. it is not about being a republican or a democrat or independent. it is about what the american people want. i honestly believe that if senator kennedy was alive today, he would not want to go against what the american people want. that was not his style. other representatives we have, like one from new york, they clearly -- he clearly stated last week that he will vote ac
it helped create a generational economic boom. 20 years later, the fog may have lifted, but america's future is still far from clear. president pushing for a trillion-dollar health care plan, when many americans fear could be leading to deficits and tax hikes. should the president take a tips from the gipper and be cutting those taxes? it is a sort of an auspicious occasion, is it not, recognizing a guy who brought in the biggest tax cuts in american history and a fellow who some say is going to be doing the biggest government push in american history? what do you think? >> thank you for letting me talk about my favorite subject, which is those deeper tax cuts -- gipper tax cuts. do you know where ronald reagan was when he was signing that bill? neil: not in washington. >> he was at the reagan ranch in santa barbara, and i was there exactly this time last year, giving a talk. this was a seminal event in american economic history. there is no question about it. if you look at what happened before the tax cuts and what happened after, we have been in a 15-year bear market. the stock market had
conversation, this is no longer america. neil: thank you. we would read what kevin has put out, because he has framed this debate way beyond a liberal or conservative conversation. left, white, red, blue. this is just plain illegal. our senior analyst judge andrew napolitano joins us. it is illegal? >> yes. when richard nixon was worried about anti-war protesters during the vietnam era, he said fbi agents and undercover cia agents under cover, which is against the law to be operating in the u.s., in military and civilian garb to take photographs and to take deeper quarters to record the voice of protesters, and they sued. it is a very famous case. the right to free speech is natural to us. it does not come to was from the government but from our humanity. no government may interfere with it when you are expressing political speech about what the government is doing. neil: even if that is on a political -- in other words, what you are saying is if it pops up on a white house, government side, even though there are vested interests on that site -- government site -- >> the first amendment only r
socialized type medicine as opposed to the free market. people across america are more engaged candis then social security, immigration reform -- i think people are very involved. in the middle of august, for the american people to be paying this much attention, they have a big problem. the more they talk, the less they convince people. >> thank you very much. now we go to a democratic strategist. it is always a pleasure to have you. i am veneered here at fox and i am in charge of carrying the nerd flag. i crunch numbers all the time, besides just sandwiches. i have to tell you, i do not know how the president arrives at his math. this is a bipartisan kind of a take with me. how do we know that limiting deductions on upper-income people is going to get used the remaining cost beyond the savings and pay this whole thing off? >> we know that the current system is unsustainable. and if i can, this notion of keeping your doctor, here is why. if we keep the status quo, a lot of these people will not keep their doctor because people will drop coverage and people will be out in the cold. the
longer in america. it just does not happen -- elevation to higher elevations any longer in america. i do not remember all whole lot of articles talking that, because i happen to be a conservative republican. it only comes up when it is liberals we are talking about. neil: did you know that i was the first italian american banker hired at fox news? that is a whole other show -- the first italian american anchor? thank you. steve moore sees something no one else does. ..xn0] neil: it does seem weird that on the day we have the supreme court judge names, we are dealing with cars. cash for clunkers. if you trade in your clunker, will there be a new car waiting for you? jeff flock has a chrysler dealership in illinois. hey, jeff? >> the government approved a $2 billion more for the cash for clunkers program -- approved $2 billion more. and then, you do not have any cars to sell. >> we are getting some in next week. >> chrysler/jeep/.. -- chrysler, jeep's, dodge. -- jeep's -- jeep. they got the clunkers in here, but toyota did not shed any plants down. neither did nissan. -- they did not shut
that is going to affect a lot of people. you could see how angry people are. every single person in america is it least going to be affected a little bit by this. some people's health care plans could be drastically changed by it. neil: i thought that was all manufactured rage. i guess it is legitimate. >> i'm not going to say that there is no such thing as manufactured rage. i think people are very concerned about what is going to do. when president obama two weeks ago gave his press conference in the white house, he did not address anyone's legitimate concerns. neil: just get it out there and let people decide. david, well put. good luck. meanwhile, writing of republicans, chuck just chucked the gop on health care. what if i told you the president does not need to sign off on another $2 billion? i was always going having to go in the middle of traffic and just starting and stopping. having to go in the middle of a ballgame and then not being able to go once i got there. and going at night. i thought i had a going problem. my doctor said i had a growing problem. it wasn't my bladder. my pr
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the southeast will have a picture of the rebels on it. they are america's rebels. if you do not love them, you will soon. they were picked ahead of lsu. we are coming. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute neil: the volt could get 230 miles per gallon. health care reform right now seems stuck in part. the government rescued automaker helping pass the test might kick in gear. the other, a government health care rescue full-court press that so far is being kicked to the curb. high hopes for the chevy bolt -- volt and the promise it could go further than any car on a tank of gas. appetite for health-care reform might be running out of gas. more on health care in a moment. first, that don carr -- the darn car. gm says is capable of going further on a tank of gas than the toyota prius has ever gone. when the car does pop up, it will sport a sticker north of $40,000. no matter -- gm says all the buzz proves that the government and companies can do good things together, that volt is to gm what the ipod was t
to focus on is that they're not necessarily representative of america. neil: oh, really? does the rnc chairman michael steele agree? " what do you make of that? >> i am laughing. who are the representative of? this is the kind of craziness that this has come to in this debate. you have got the president who has a town hall meeting, and then robert gibbs comes out and talks about how peaceful it was. yes, it is great when you stack the room. you have a line that you have to run to to get in. neil: we do not know that they stacked the room. i do not know what happened there. i do know what has been happening at these other hearings go. the guests are being -- some pretty dicey affairs. leading democrats are saying these are all stage, astroturf. what do you make of that? >> this is part of the craziness that we're hearing from the left on this issue. they are trying to obfuscate the fact that the american people are ticked off, as one of the participants said yesterday, and then very concerned, and for the leadership in this country to go on national tv and say that folks are being an a
. we want congress to get back to the roots of america. that is a hearing to what our constitution is and what our founding fathers put together. that is the message that has been clear and concise from people all around the country neil: when i was at the sacramento tea party rally back in the spring, many critics of the rally were saying, where was this rage when george bush was building these massive deficits and george bush was proposing a medicare prescription drug plan? where was it then? proved to cause that this is not just a republican event behalf what do you say? >> is not. we were pretty upset back then. we were just not as vocal about it. houghbs -- president obama and congress have just hit us with so much debt and so many potential increases in taxes. none of it is trickling down to the economy. we are not seeing any of this get to us and for san francisco or out here in the community. i think it is exponential. being an economist, i know that bush did a lot of things we did not agree with. that is the big difference. i think as debra said, the sleeping giant has awo
of latin america. neil: all right, we will watch what happens. i want to thank you, david, and i want to thank you, anana, ani want to remind you, if you do not get the fox business network, you should demand it. poorly chosen words? the democratic congressman of california. congressman, you are a smart man. -- a democratic congressman of california. there is no way those lasted two guests are mob like. >> there are places where they have been mobbed like. there are places where they are not. -- where they have been mobbed like -- mob like. when you see the threats to the safety of the family of our colleagues, when you see the hanging in effigy of one of your colleagues, then you have to understand that there are places in this country where there is an attempt to intimidate members of congress. there are attempts to stop civic discussion and to prevent town halls from going forward on an orderly basis, and that is because the opponents of this plan simply have no good ideas, but they can always screaming, and they can always threatened. -- they can always scream and they can always
to focus on is that the groups are not necessarily representative of america. neil: you know, he said that, and then we see these polls where he is trailing by many points, so i am not sure there is a quid pro quo relationship there. do you think this helps? >> i probably would not have said that if i was arlen, but i do not blame the protesters because they have been misled. they have been lied to by very important people in the media and by very high ranking republican politicians, and that is what the most discouraging thing is here. if we really wanted to frame a bipartisan approach, why did senator grassley last week and go back to iowa to and continue to talk about death penalty? -- back to iowa and continue to talk about death panels? neil: things did not add up. the mathematics did not add up. they wanted to talk about not taxing, and that did not add up. the simple human-major logic that if you have got more people and a system with a finite number of doctors and radiologists and mri machines, no one had an adequate answer, republican or democrat, to that, and that is why they got
about raising taxes on some people. everybody in america faces a tax increase. i would be surprised if that happened right before the midterm election so the most likely thing to happen is that they will kick is can down the world's croad. others mgat stop trusting us to pay back and the interest rate will go up. neil: thank you, douglas, in washington. a lot of wall street buyers -- >> coming out of one of the worst financial crises that this nation has ever faced and that is why i am reappointing him to another german = = =term at the federal reserve. neil: bernanke is about the only financial adult in the room, as was said by one man. what do you mean by that? >> not only does he have to deal with the worst economy and the mistakes that were made by his predecessor and both administrations, the current one and the previous one, he is having to deal with all of the deficits you were just talking about, and a lot of the moves that he has made have been undermined by capitol hill and others and a lot of people do not realize how difficult his job is. now he is having to deal with a
-existing condition" become a thing of the past... we're america's health insurance companies. supporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on. neil: all right, well the crack down, and you just got some credit-card released today, or did you? dave ramsey joins us. he has his big radio show, and he is part of the powerful earl fox business network and mina. if you do not get it -- >> demand it -- and he is a part of the powerful fox business network lineup. neil: some more and balances on pay off periods, and they cannot jump in and start doing things. what do you make of it? >> it is a washington attempt to fix something out of control. washington does not have the ability to stop up all of the holes have because the lobbyists are too powerful. now, you cannot get one under 21 without a co-signer, so the only people with a credit card under 21 are those with stupid parents, so the other option, they pickedç on the universal çdefault provision and have tan that away or at least a neutered in a little bit, so it is not bad, but if it gives you, the allusion that you are protected by washi
wallet. here is what you can get if you lose your job. bank of america will waive monthly fees. jet blue, they are going to issue a few -- a full refund on unused tickets. walgreen's has certain health food stores. pfizer is giving away 70 different medications, including niagara, if you had a previous -- including viagra, if you had a previous prescription. certain gyms are allowing free work out. if you need a break, you have to enter this pink slip away. it is for a two night stay in vermont. you have to e-mail them a compelling story. i talked with the owner today. he is getting hundreds of letters. they are really sad. it is difficult to pick one couple per month. back to you. neil: there you go. courtney, thank you very much to hollywood, corporate greed. it is all in "district 9." following the same old script. when his hollywood going to get a new villain? she is our entertainment reporter. i have joked about this with you. the villain is a nasty mogul. >> we want to see the racks to riches story. we do not want to see the guy on top win. that would make the story so much more bo
're starting to recognize the issues of technology dependency. america just had its first rehab center for internet junkies open. it is called restart. internet addiction is just like any other addiction. they crave the high online. offline, they suffer physical and mental changes like weight gain and sleep loss. the therapists help patients get back into the real world by enforcing a strict schedule their help will cost you about 15 grand. right now, it is not covered by insurance. neil: $15,000? already. courtney, thank you. a new movie in an age-old issue. it deals with how people handle the death of a loved one. when someone dies, we tend to think about the good and forget the bad. in a movie that satirizes it is getting a lot of very good buzz. why do we tend to make a person a greater in death than in life? a psychology expert joins us now. it is true that we tend to do that. it is an intriguing look at why we do that. >> it does sound very interesting. it says that we are more forgiving or willing to forgive the sense of somebody else. at some level, if they stay around longer,
... we're america's health insurance companies. supporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on. neil: all right, well, still tons of unanswered questions about michael jackson's death and life. the glove. that glove, the glove, it is huge, it is worth a fortune, and it is here. it is up for sale along with many of his other possessions. the ceo of an auction house joins us. this is famous for a number of reasons. a, this is the one he wore during the special. >> yes, during the moonwalk, and this was the only left-hand glove. it is the holy grail of michael jackson memorabilia, because when you think of michael jackson, you think of the glove, and this motown performance was his most famous. very few can you identify to a specific performance, and this when you can. because it is different, you can match it up to the photographs, exactly. neil: all of the others on the right-hand side, this one special for that event, and also special for the auction. >> yes, one of the founders of the commodores, walter, they were opening for the jackson 5, and when michael was a little kid, w
at things that he purchased with the money that he received. in america, you are supposed to be able to earn money and spend it. neil: leslie, you raise a very interesting point. i interviewed one man in jail. i said if there should never ever been at $6,000 shower curtain, are all of the other stuff that stood out, the umbrella stand that was $15,000 or whatever it was -- or all of the other stuff, and i asked him if it were not for that, when he be sitting in jail right now, and he said no -- would he be sitting in jail right now. >> i do not know of the facts of that case. neil: i am just using it as an example that if you have the money, it you spending money, people are upset with how you spend the money, and that becomes a fixation, too. >> i think people might not notice when you get millions and millions of dollars away. i do not know. i think it is a focus on the media on what people spend. neil: how are you holding up? >> well, i have my good days, and i have my bad days, and i try to have mostly good days, and it really is my faith that is the hope that one day, this will all come
was saying that you and i and i think dave ramsey were the only three voices in america that i can recall -- that were saying then. there were so many republicans and so-called conservatives saying it's not a good thing, but we don't have a choice. you always have a choice to make the right decision. neil: your argument was the right decision was for the government to but out and let the market dozen their thing. >> there were going to be some people who would have failed it would have been painful. but the pain of the moment would have intn less moment than the pain of trillions of dollars of unsecured debt and the fact that at some point there will be a day of reckoning. i look at these unemployment numbers and we say we're celebrating. we only lost 247,000 jobs. that's like saying, great in this last series we only lost six yards per carry, we've been losing 12 yards per carry. we keep this up and we'll get a safety -- neil: i know what you're saying. but do you have to crawl before you can walk. >> sure. neil: even with the latest g.d.p. data down 6%. we are seemingly coming out of th
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21